Empire Social

Catering Options

Empire Social strives to offer clients flexibility regarding the extent of our involvement as well as your budget by extending the following catering options to prospective clients.

Full-Service Service Catering

Looking for someone to take care of all the details so you can enjoy your event? We handle the food, staff, bar, rentals, logistics, and even coordinate with other vendors, to ensure your event is executed flawlessly. Our chefs are at your disposal — all of our menu items (or anything you can dream up) are available in this format.

Limited Service Catering

Need terrific food and some help for your event while trying to keep to a tighter budget? Limited service offers the look of full-service catering at a more manageable price point for those on a budget. Empire Social’s limited service offering is designed to offer a majority of our most popular items without requiring significant on-site preparation or equipment, which saves you money.

Drop-Off Catering

Want great food but don’t need all the service? Drop-off catering is Empire Social’s most economical option and is popular for clients looking for simple but elegant foods or a few accents for a party. Our drop-off foods are designed to require minimal preparation on site and come well packed with with instructions for heating and/or assembly. Drop-off catering is a great way to get a taste of Bite for smaller or less elaborate events!

Catered Food Types


Each of our signature apps and miniatures is a bite-sized work of art packed with deliciousness and designed to be consumed cleanly while standing up and holding a drink. Our bites allow your guests to enjoy the variety of a tasting menu over several hours while being free to mingle and enjoy a variety of conversations as well. A side benefit is that this format can eliminate the costs of tables, chairs, and china and allow for parties in tighter spaces.


When you order a custom buffet from Empire Social, we deliver much more than the standard culinary drizzle and presentation. Our full service displays are presented artfully and full of seasonal flavor, texture and color. We can also deliver a buffet menu to your house and help you set-it up on your own serveware to ensure you have a beautiful display. And don’t forget some apps to get the party started and a gorgeous arrangement to top it off!

Plated Meals

Empire Social’s plated meals offer the elegant solution for when you want your experience to luxuriate in the experience of a full-service sit-down affair with all the elegance of a restaurant-quality meal. Be completely delighted with a fully customizable menu which will surprise and delight with delicious seasonal flavors and gorgeous presentation.

Family Style

Family style is such a fantastic and underused option! Combining the elegance of a casual sit-down service with the warmth and tradition of sharing a meal with family and friends, it’s a great option when you really want a sit-down meal without the additional labor required for a formal plated dinner. We love it and would love to share some of our creative family style meals with you.


We love our action stations! Add one to your menu to add some razzle dazzle to your menu. We love pairing stations with our apps format to create a more diverse tasting menu approach – and your guests get closer to the action with the fun of a chef-run station!


A fantastic option for any party – beautiful stationary displays of delicious apps or small plates to add excitement to your special event with the ease of letting your guests enjoy at their leisure.

Bar Catering

Whether you only need bartenders and you supply your own bar stock or if you need a bar menu with fabulous cocktails to match your party’s theme, we can do it all!

Bar Staff

Our bar staff and mixologists are warm, charismatic and know how to shake some delicious cocktails that are sure to add that extra pizzazz to your event. Need recipe ideas? We can help!